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One Tree Hill Icontest

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Hey and thank you for dropping by the OTH Icon Contest. Basically, I will post one
screencap from a One Tree Hill episode every Sunday evening and if you'd like to enter,
you'll make an icon of it! You can do whatever you wish with it, be as creative as you want. Just remember that you have to use the screen cap and only that screencap. No otherimages are permitted.

You are allowed to use animation and text is not a requirement. Please make sure that theicon you are creating fits Livejournal's standards. It cannot be over 40kb in size and must be 100x100 pixels or less.

This community is run by shewaselectric with help from octoberagain and heartgrief. Please direct any questions that way.


The timeline will work like this.

-> Sunday evening, a new screencap will be posted as well as winners from the previous
-> Sunday evening - Friday evening is the period when you may submit your icon
-> Friday evening - Sunday evening is when the vote ends and winners will be announced.

Please submit your icon in a comment in the post asking you to submit your icon made by one of the mods.

Please vote in the post made by one of the mods asking you to vote.
To vote, please state the numbers of your three favourite icons. No order is necessary.

For example:
12 icons have been entered in the contest. I like icons 2, 6, and 11. In the poll, I'll be sure to select icons 2, 6 and 12.

You do not have to be a member to vote and anonymous votes will not be accepted.

Winners will be annouced Sunday evening by one of the mods before the next cap is posted. There will be an award for the icons that made first, second and third place. Graphics will be made by one of the mods.

Hope you join and remember, tell all your friends!